Smart Business Card

Smooth Elegant Flexible. Hyperion in collaboration with Zoidpay presents Cardanti! The only smart business card you need!

One Minute, Ready to go

Fill in the information you want to share using the card and you’re ready to use Cardanti. You can add or change information on your card at any time

One Card, All your contact details
Phone Numbers, E-mail addresses, Websites, Social Media Channels, Articles, CVs or any other link you wish to share, they are all stored in your Cardanti Card. etc.
One Tap, No App, with NFC Technology

Just one tap on the back of a smartphone and the person you’re meeting with, saves your contact details in their smartphone’s contacts list.

  • Transfer presentations, videos, CVs and more
  • One tap to transfer all of your contact details
    Add or change information at anytime
  • Premium & modern design.
  • Cut the costs of printing business cards every month
  • Never run out of business cards again
  • Powerful marketing & branding tool
  • Eco-friendly, smart business card
QR Scan, for any smartphone

Every Cardanti card has a QR code printed on the back that contains all of your contact details. Anyone can simply open their camera, scan the QR code and save your contact details in their smartphon

Dark Theme
Ice Blue
Mint Whisper
Crimson Red
Light Theme
Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green
Crimson Red
Card cost: 29.90 € *
Cost of printing company name on the card: 4 € *
Cost of printing a company logo on the card: 8 € *

* The above prices do not include VAT
If you have a business and you are interested in promoting your Cardanti card please contact us.

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