A POS in every business


Accept Chip &  PIN payments at your point of sale
Cashless payment by prepaid card is easy and convenient for your customers. Take advantage of new sales opportunities and facilitate fast, easy and convenient transactions by applying a POS solution from Ecomm Merchant Solutions.
Visa and Mastercard POS terminals are the easiest and fastest methods for processing payment cards.
For cash processing at all points of sale, both landline and mobile, we offer a specialized line of state-of-the-art terminals from the leading industry of PAX technology.
Accept contactless transactions – for small payments it is as simple as ‘click and go’. There is no need for your customer to place their card in the terminal or enter a PIN.

The S920 is the most stylish mobile point of sale in the world, packed with the most complete range of payment industry certifications and built to the highest global standards using state-of-the-art technology and high-tech materials.

 Featuring a large, high-definition touchscreen and beautifully lit keyboard, the S920 Pocket is the preferred choice of the hotel and restaurant industry, where portability, usability and customer satisfaction are essential. Merchants love the S920’s sleek style, superior battery life, and faster transaction times powered by the high-tech A processor, more memory capacity, and built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology.

3G, 4G, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth                 

High capacity battery

Contactless transactions, Chip, Magstripe      

High speed printer

Large color touch screen


Visa & Mastercard NFC   

Linux OS

S920 Wireless Terminal

The beautifully designed D200 integrates with any mobile payment application running on iOS or Android via Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS or cable connection. D200 offers the latest PCI PTS 3.x certification, SRED and Visa payWave & amp; Mastercard PayPass. Apple Inc. has given the D200 a special certification called MFi, which means that Apple has tested and approved the D200 to meet the highest performance standards for integration with any iPad or iPhone.

Contactless transactions, Chip, Magstripe


Compatible with iOS and Android

WiFi Approval Apple MFi

VISA & Mastercard NFC


PAX S800 is the most innovative payment terminal in the world powered by a secure and flexible Linux operating platform. This supports the rapid development of custom and secure software applications that give new meaning to the concept of payment and value-added service.

The S800 comes in a compact and sleek format, equipped with a large color screen, a wide choice of connectivity options and built-in NFC capability to enable seamless transactions. The S800 contains a 32 bit ARM11 processor and large amounts of memory via Micro SD for excellent performance.
Elegant, compact design
Multiple peripheral ports
Built-in contactless / NFC
Advanced DDR technology
Fast thermal printer(25 lps)
Processor400MHz 32-bit ARM11ph
S800 Countertop
  • Ecomm's iban business account (based in Ireland)
  • Cashback 0.5% for purchases through the prepaid card that comes with the account.
  • Clearing and payment is made by the National Bank of Greece.
  • Up to 20% lower charges than those in the Greek Market (no extra and hidden charges).
  • Payments are credited directly to the account (real time) and in a few seconds the money is available to the business.
  • Lower rates for online payments (e-shop, hotel bookings, etc.).
  • Payments are accepted Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Ali Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay.
  • The POS devices are insured (it concerns the Rental Terminals) for any damage and are replaced within 3 days.
  • Clear the money next business day.
  • Prepaid internet on all wireless POSs forever.
  • Approved by the Bank of Greece.

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