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presents the prepaid Fillit Mastercard for every employee of your business !!

Fillit Prepaid Mastercard® is a prepaid card service that allows each business to provide its employees with the most effective indirect benefit, which combines with many more privileges the well-known gratuities in the form of vouchers and gift vouchers !!!
Available in plastic form and can be used in any food store (Super Market, restaurants, cafes etc.) which has pos!
With the purchase of this unique card, you have the option to provide an indirect benefit to your employees worth € 132 / month (€ 6 * 22 working days).
The deal eat has benefits and benefits for everyone.
✓ drastically reduce their operating costs 
✓ increase employee productivity 
✓ show the human face of the company
✓ can spend money on all focusing companies 
✓ enjoy deal eat in thousands of businesses 
✓can order in Online & Physical Shop
 Get the deal eat and delete at  operating costs

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