About Us

The Hyperion(Social Cooperative Society) which by reasearching and analysing:

  • Market requirements
  • The needs of businesses and professionals
  • Consumer requirements
  • The wants and needs of our Society
  • The need to support our fellow citizens belonging to vulnerable social groups
  • The evolution of technology ….
  • Accomplished agreements with established companies from the Global Community
  • Invested in people with talent
  • Invested in innovative products and services
  • Invested in pioneering technologies
  • Created new jobs around the glob
  • Created a healthy and vibrant organization by building its own Eco System on strong bases of cooperation and respect

Shareholders of the company are:
• Arvaniti Andriana
• Arvanitis Pantelis
• Vilanakis Miltiadis
• Melissargos Kyprianos
• Muthami Ndena
• Nikoloudakis Spyros
• Papakyrgiaki Athina